What's the difference between 6112 and 8112?

Bilstein 6112 versus 8112

These two powerhouses are our top-of-the-line, direct-fit suspension kits for the off-road enthusiast, but — what’s the difference between them?

The simple answer is the 8112 contains all of the benefits of the 6112, but features our advanced "ZoneControl® CR" technology for even more agressive offroad use.  See details below:

6112 / 8112 Similarities:

  • User can set preferred ride height: 0-3 inches
  • Large 60mm Monotube design and a digressive piston for improved comfort and control
  • Tuned specific to each application, comes fully assembled with cold-wound linear spring
  • Proudly made in the USA

8112 Adds:

  • ZoneControl® CR technology – position sensitive damping, 3 compression zones, 2 rebound zones
  • Compression (C): Bottom out control through a two-stage, telescoping internal compression stop
  • Rebound (R): Secondary rebound stop dissipates spring energy and stabilizes suspension after a large compression, while the internal rebound stop will also eliminate harsh top-outs
  • Triple piston-design creates extreme comfort for routine driving, while being able to easily soak up rough terrain at speed
  • Remote reservoir for extra cooling and consistent shock performance
  • Threaded spring seat allows for infinite adjustment of ride height
  • Fully serviceable

For more information on the 6112 and 8112 shocks, take a look at the videos below.